We offer a Year Round Program from September through August. 

Students are 18 month old through entry to First Grade


Sing In Chinese Preschool Mandarin Immersion Curriculum includes:

  • - A series of our original songs written using a unique 
  • - Patent Pending method that combines the basic four tones of Mandarin with melodies
  • - Children have fun singing useful conversational phrases in the correct tones
  • - These phrases are stored in their long-term memory
  • - A complete list of our curriculum is listed in detail on our website at


The Sing In Chinese Preschool Overall Curriculum teaches age-appropriate developmental skills including: 

  • - Social, Physical and Cognitive skills 
  • - Emotional skills (encourage children to practice new tasks, interact with peers and learn
  •   to communicate 
  • - Problem Solving skills
  • - Creativity skills
  • - Self-Confidence building

Daily Lessons also include:

  • - Multi-sensory activities 
  • - Large and small motor skills
  • - Language Arts, Math, Science, Art and Music

These important foundational blocks will facilitate children to become successful lifelong learners. Students are challenged appropriately and prepared for kindergarten or first grade readiness.