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Learn Chinese Early: Unlock the Benefits

August 22,2023

By Kate Liu, Lynn Tien

Ever wondered why so many parents send their children to learn Chinese these days? Speaking another language can open up a new world of possibilities! 

Chinese, being the second most spoken language globally, brings numerous cognitive advantages when immersed at a young age. 

So why wait? Dive into the captivating realm of language and culture today! There's no better time than now.

Benefits of Learning Chinese Early


1. Better Pronunciation Skills in Chinese

Kids naturally absorb information in their early years. Our original songs at Sing In Chinese are designed to combine music with the natural tones of Chinese

Over 100 of our catchy songs written with useful daily phrases help children easily grasp accurate pronunciation. 

Young minds are especially receptive to new sounds and tones, enabling them to mimic and reproduce the intricate sounds of Chinese with impressive accuracy. 

Also, childhood songs are stored in our long term memory!

2. Improves Cognitive Functions 

Research shows that learning multiple languages, including Chinese, from a young age improves cognitive functions such as problem-solving, memory retention, and multitasking abilities. It also fosters creativity and adaptability in communication for kids.

3. Boosts Phonetics and Music Appreciation

The Chinese language offers a unique learning experience with its specific sounds such as 'zh,' 'ch,' 'sh,' 'z,' 'c,' 'x,' 'ang,' 'eng.' Learning these sounds tunes their ears to subtle differences in pronunciation. 


This training allows the delightful advantage in music appreciation. When children learn to distinguish between the four tones of Chinese, they're also developing a keen ear for different notes and pitches in music. So, learning Chinese isn't just a language investment, it's a gateway to enhanced musical understanding too.

4. Linguistic Flexibility

Early exposure to Chinese not only benefits proficiency in the language itself but also enhances overall language skills and linguistic flexibility in kids. 

5. Cultural Awareness

Bilingual children learn about traditions and perspectives from other languages. They are more open-minded , empathetic towards others and can appreciate cultural differences.

6. Improved Communication and Social Skills

Bilingual children tend to communicate better and are more social because being bilingual helps them connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Bilingual kids also tend to feel more confident talking to others because they can switch between languages. 

7. Future Opportunities 

Learning Mandarin Chinese from an early age can greatly expand one's horizons and unlock exciting new possibilities. It not only offers insights into cultural exchange but also opens doors to promising future career paths. 

Mandarin speakers benefit from the advantage of diverse fields like business, diplomacy, tourism, education, and technology. 


Best Age for Children to Learning Chinese

What is the golden age for kids to dive into learning Chinese? 

Research suggests it's between the ages of 3 and 7. 


In this key phase of language development, this age range aligns perfectly with the optimal time for training children's ears for music. Coincidence? We think not. 


While there isn't an exact cut-off age, starting young significantly bolsters the chances of achieving native-like fluency in Chinese and mastering Chinese words. 


Starting young in language learning is crucial for long-term proficiency. It allows for consistent practice and reinforcement throughout the Chinese learning journey, resulting in greater fluency over time.

By introducing Chinese to kids at a young age, parents give them an advantage in today's globalized world. With their receptive minds and growing curiosity, young learners can embark on an exciting journey towards mastering Chinese, one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide.


Great Ways to Engage Young Chinese Learners

Learning Chinese becomes an exciting adventure when it's laced with interactive games and catchy tunes. 

At Sing In Chinese, we've got a bag full of engaging strategies, from fun-packed games to our very own library of over 100 original songs. These songs, tailored to children, sparks joy and imprints Chinese sentences into their long-term memory - all with the correct Chinese tones! 

The glowing reviews we receive from both parents and students further underscore the effectiveness of these methods.

           Storytelling paired with colorful illustrations help engage young learners in Chinese learning. At Sing In Chinese, we use this approach to make  language learning immersive and memorable for young learners.

Hands-On projects including crafts, cooking and more optimizes a multi sensory learning experience for kids while practicing Chinese skills. Holidays and themed lessons enriches Chinese while children have even more fun to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. 

Technology-based resources including educational apps or online platforms provide interactive learning opportunities and can enhance engagement for young Chinese learners. 

Here's a whisper from us at Sing In Chinese: we have some exciting news to share with everyone in the second half of 2023, stay tuned!

Now that we've shared some effective strategies for engaging young learners, you might be wondering what these look like in a real-life learning environment. 

At Sing in Chinese, we've brought these concepts to life in our specially designed curriculum. Visit our website and Facebook page to see firsthand how we use these methods to make Chinese learning an enjoyable and engaging experience for our young students.

Conclusion: Start Learning Chinese at a Young Age for Lifelong Benefits

From boosting their brain power to opening up a whole world of new opportunities, getting kids started on Chinese from a young age has so many advantages. It's about more than just learning a new language; it's like handing them the keys to an incredible culture and a lifelong skill.

The best part? Getting your kids started on their Chinese learning journey has never been easier. Whether you're considering enrolling them in a prestigious program or downloading a specialized Chinese learning app tailored for young learners, there's a wealth of resources available.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to endow your child with a vital skill. Enroll them in Sing in Chinese's bilingual preschool (2-6 years) or one of our various Chinese classes (4-15 years). 

Visit our website to learn more about our philosophy and what else we offer. 

Don't forget to check the raving reviews from parents to see real-time results!


Can my children learn Chinese even if they have no prior exposure?

Absolutely! Children can start learning Chinese from scratch without any previous exposure. 

I speak some Chinese and my spouse does not. Can this still work? 

Yes! We’ve done it many times before and will do it again while your child has fun learning! 

Will learning Chinese at a young age be too challenging for my child?

Not at all! Young minds are incredibly receptive to new languages, making it an ideal time for children to learn Chinese. 

How long does it take for a child to become proficient in Chinese?

This is a great question. The time it takes to learn Chinese can differ, influenced by elements like the regularity of lessons, the child's level of exposure to the language, the learning setting, and their personal aptitude.  However, significant progress can be made with consistent practice and immersion in Chinese at Sing In Chinese.