Lynn Tien


Lynn is the founder and song-writer of over 100 original songs and books from Sing In Chinese. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English. Lynn started her teaching career in Taiwan teaching English and continued in the U.S. teaching Chinese. Lynn also has a background in music.

Lynn has a passion for learning new interactive teaching methods so children will develop intrinsic motivation to learn Chinese. She is also the developer of our patent pending curricula.

Lynn's inspirations for teaching practical Mandarin to children outside of Asia come from her two U.S.-born children. She realized that living in an English speaking environment, Mandarin needs to be more than once a week in a classroom. Mandarin needs to occur frequently inside the homes. Singing is a fun way to offer constant exposure of Mandarin to children. It is also more effective than forcing children to speak Mandarin. Without success in her research for Mandarin children's songs that are suitable for children who live outside of Asia, Lynn decided to create her own.

Lynn created the unique Patent-Pending method that incorporates the proper four basic tones of Mandarin into the melody so children can retain Mandarin in the correct tones into their long-term memory. Lynn writes lyrics with practical and useful conversational phrases that children use daily.

Children enjoy reading storybook-like song books.  Lynn pairs her fun and catchy songs with colorful illustrated pages to engage children's interest to learn. A few Chinese characters on each pages will encourage early sight-reading literacy and not overwhelm children.

Lynn encourages parents to play our original songs at home and in the car when we shuttle our children around.  The goal is to consistently expose our children to fun Mandarin and encourage them to embrace the language. Together we can help our children learn this increasingly important and beautiful language.