Sing In Chinese Torrance, Chinese Classes in Torrance, CA

Lynn Tien

Lynn is the founder and song-writer of over 100 original songs from Sing In Chinese to teach Chinese using a patent-pending method.

Her unique Patent-Pending method incorporates the proper four basic tones of Mandarin into the melody so children can retain Mandarin in the correct tones into their long-term memory.

These songs are also written and designed to teach useful conversational phrases.

Lynn pairs her fun and catchy songs with colorful illustrated art to engage children to learn.

Lynn is fluent in both Mandarin and English. She started her teaching career in Taiwan teaching English and continued in the U.S. teaching Chinese. Lynn also has a background in music.

In 2014, Lynn realized that living in an English speaking environment, Mandarin needs to be more than once a week in a classroom. Mandarin needs to occur frequently inside the homes. Singing is a fun way to offer constant exposure of Mandarin to children. It is also more effective than demanding children to speak Mandarin.

Her first three songs had remarkable learning results and retention for new learners, which inspired her to create 100 more songs. The 100+ song curriculum is now structured into twenty levels and are paired with standardized lesson plans for efficient instruction delivery and learning. This curriculum has been rearranged multiple times in 9 years to achieve maximum knowledge retention. Children who immerse in the curriculum begin to speak short phrases in three months and continue to show accelerated results.

In 2015, Lynn started Sing In Chinese Language School. With her passion for learning new interactive teaching methods so children will develop intrinsic motivation to learn Chinese, the school quickly grew from only a handful of students to 150 students by 2018.

In 2021, Lynn founded Sing In Chinese Bilingual Mandarin Immersion Preschool so children can immerse in Mandarin even earlier. Lynn believes the first six years of the brain development of children is crucial in shaping the later health and development of people.

The teaching method developed by Lynn is proven to be effective for native and non-native Chinese speaking families.

It has always been Lynn’s hope to work with more children to learn this increasingly important and beautiful language. A Chinese learning APP that combines her effective curriculum including 100+ original songs and interactive teaching methods will be in the App Store and Play store in December 2023.

On November 14, 2023, support Chinese learning on Kickstarter and start singing your way to speak Chinese!