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Learn Chinese while having fun from anywhere!
- Jump Around!
- Animated Story with Original Song
- Show & Tell
- Themed Online Games
- Hands On Art
Our online classrooms are interactive and in small groups with many learning games designed to encourage speaking, reading and writing! Call 310-957-2258 to schedule for a free trial class!


唱中文 幼幼班

3 - 5 years
Little PreScholar Chinese classes immerse preschool children with useful daily conversation topics they can related to everyday. We use our own original songs written with our unique Patent Pending method so children can retain information while having fun.


唱中文 兒童會話班

4 - 13 years
Online Conversation classes teach useful daily Chinese conversation through our original songs written with our original songs and unique Patent Pending method to enforce the learning of speaking. Interactive learning games and real world hands-on projects are incorporated to each topic. The origins of Chinese root words are also taught.

ENRICHMENT (In-Person & Online)

唱中文 兒童會話讀寫班

5 - 16 years
Online Enrichment classes teach Chinese speaking, reading, writing and typing using our original effective curriculum. Classes are taught with interactive games to help students retain information while having fun.


唱中文 個別中文教學

All Ages
These classes are customized and individualized based on students' learning needs.