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Do you still remember your childhood songs?


Childhood songs are stored in our long term memory.

Our fun original songs are written with useful daily conversational phrases.

Like songs from our childhood, these songs along with Chinese,

will be stored in our children’s long term memory.

Sing In Chinese 採用獨特研發的作曲方式.


Sing In Chinese developed a unique song writing

method. Our melodies are written based on the

correct four basic tones of Mandarin.


Singing songs in the correct four basic tones

will embed the correct tones of Mandarin in children’s memory.

Sing In Chinese 有現代化的中文兒童音樂


Children can sing original modernized Mandarin children’s songs

facilitated through engaging and colorful story books.

圖畫書的每一頁都有中文字和拼音, 能幫助孩子讀書和識字.

Chinese characters and Pinyin on every page can

encourage sight-reading literacy.

Sing in Chinese 的 APP

用有趣的電腦動畫教中文, 還可以錄唱卡拉OK和玩中文遊戲.

APPs by Sing In Chinese teach Mandarin through engaging

computer animation, fun games, karoake style singing and recording.

Sing in Chinese 的雙語歌詞能讓孩子聯想中英文, 徹底瞭解歌詞的意義.

Bilingual lyrics help children process logical associations between

Chinese and English, providing fuller understanding.

家長經常放雙語兒童歌曲給孩子聽, 能增強孩子的語言吸收.

Parents can enhance the learning of Chinese through repetition

by frequently playing these fun original bilingual songs.