We strive to deliver a nurturing and rewarding first educational experience in both Chinese and English as you entrust your children with us! We also welcome your questions no matter how small. We have a common interest - your child!

Lynn Tien


Hi! 你好! I am Lynn!
Welcome to our SING family!

My teaching journey began 25 years ago as an English teacher in Taiwan. I started researching Chinese teaching materials for children when I had kids of my own but couldn't find materials suitable for today's children. I have now created over 100+ songs and books to teach Chinese using a patent-pending method.

In the past decade, I have enjoyed working with children of all ages. Working with preschool children is a true joy and very rewarding. Children at this age are so pure and they learn so fast!

If I could turn back time, I would have enrolled my children in a preschool that immersed them in a non-native language. Language acquisition at an early age can be easy and fun, especially the way we teach it here at Sing In Chinese Preschool. Catchy songs with useful daily phrases are stored in children's long-term memory. Our teaching method is effective for native and non-native Chinese speaking families. Give your child the gift of language and sing your way to speak Chinese!

I look forward to working with your family!


Carol Tseng


Hi! I am Carol!
I am so excited to welcome you to join our SING family!

Being a second language teacher for over 15 years, I believe that learning a new language should be fun and enjoyable. I have taught students from 8 month old all the way to 80 years old and never thought teaching at the preschool was such a joyful experience until I met my first group 10 years ago! I was amazed and fell in love with children of this age group. They are like sponges and can learn way more than what we can imagine.

Integrating my teaching experience with my background in psychology, linguistics and early childhood education, it allows me to have an effective approach to teaching the language and behaviors while tending to each child's individual needs and characteristics.

Growing up with tons of academic stress in Asia, I am a strong believer in learning through play. I think it is the most effective way to learn at this age. Cultivating children’s creativity, having them exploring their interests and enjoying the learning process are the most important things for them.

I love sitting down to spend quality time and get to know all the children. Our chit-chatting time is full of laughter and silliness. And trust me, this is the best time to understand individual differences from them!

One of the biggest rewards for what I do as a preschool educator is seeing a child from speaking zero Chinese to converse in Chinese with us. Also along the way, they learn daily routines, take care of themselves and respect others. Words can't describe how much I love being part of their learning and growing process.

Words can’t describe how happy I will be when I meet your family and work with your children!

Lesley Hsieh


Hello, I am Lesley (Hsiao Lu)!
I am excited to be your teacher, we are going to have a lot of fun and we will learn a lot together!

Having more than 5 years of teaching experience. I always enjoyed helping children learn and grow. I am so glad to be part of Sing In Chinese, together with a team of amazing and creative teachers.

At Sing In Chinese, we know that play is very important to young children. We strive to create and maintain an environment where your child can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them. Thank you for trusting us with for you precious children!

Mindy Chen


Hello, I am Mindy!
I look forward to working with our child and your family!

I believe early childhood education has a tremendous impact on life outcomes. Therefore, I’ve dedicated my life to working with young children as my passion and career. My studies in Early Childhood Development taught me the importance of providing lessons in a fun and exciting way that encourages children to be effective learners, helping them overcome shyness and gain self-confidence, teaching the values of patience, respect, and diversity amongst other important lessons.

Equally important to child growth is the focus on health, safety, and nutrition. My certificate in Preventive Health and Safety for Child Care Providers reenforced my believe that my role as an early educator is not to only be a role model but also a protector and teacher of safety for children. This is something we take seriously at Sing In Chinese.

Jojo Huang

Assistant Director

Hello, I am Jojo!
I am so excited to be your teacher! I can’t wait to get to know you so we can have a lot of fun learning together.

I have been teaching and working with children since I was 18 years old, it always came very naturally to me. I love children, it fills my heart with joy to watch them grow. I feel that it is a gift to me to help children explore the world around them.

I believe every child is unique and deserves a caring, inspiring, and engaging atmosphere so the child can grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

I enjoy working on the SING team because the staff is terrific to work with. I welcome your family to our SING family and look forward to working with you!

Emily Yao


Hi, I'm Emily. I am very happy to grow up with the children at Sing in Chinese.

In this big family, I always try to create happy days for the children with my most sincere love, so that every child can experience love and be loved at school.

I look forward to seeing children show teachers and parents new learning surprises, I love watching children's progress step by step.

I hope children can grow up healthy and happy at Sing In Chinese by playing games with friends and learning together in classrooms that are full of sunshine! I love seeing children build confidence, character and creativity. I believe that children have great powers! Come on, join us!

Xiao Xiao Li


Hi, I am XiaoXiao, it is my pleasure to be the teacher of your lovely children!

At Sing In Chinese, we believe it is important to build an environment to practice Chinese speaking during early childhood. The best way to improve language skill is to use it everyday. All the teachers here try our best to help children use Chinese in daily life.

My goal is to use my knowledge and love to help children grow up in a safe and happy school. I am always very glad to see children improve at Sing In Chinese.

We hope all the children can get happiness, friendship, respect, and safety at our school. Thanks for choosing us.

Gennie Xu

Assistant Director

Hello, I am Gennie!

I enjoy interacting with children, and their adorable faces bring me joy every day. It is particularly gratifying to witness the positive changes and progress in the children under my guidance.

As an education professional with over a decade of experience, I have always maintained a high level of passion for my work and a serious and responsible attitude. I have been honored with the title of distinguished teacher multiple times and have received consistent praise from both parents and the school. In my teaching, I excel at employing flexible methods such as storytelling and situational dialogues to engage students and immerse them in the learning process.

I am willing to educate with my utmost enthusiasm, and I am ready to guide them with patience and skill. I firmly believe that my love and passion will enable children to grow happily.

Julia Guo


Hi, I’m Julia.

It has been almost 10 years of working with kids and students in my career, students are mostly school age. I wanted to become a teacher as a child, indeed I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and middle school teaching certificate through teacher’s college in China. 

Teaching kids to gain new skills is always joyful, laughter and smiles could be the best rewards for me. I’m passionate about helping preschoolers succeed in school. I look forward to working with your children at Sing In Chinese.

Sunny Tsai


Nice to meet you, my name is Chyng (Sunny).

I'm thrilled to be a part of your learning journey, I hope we will get to know each other and create valuable memories together!

Early language acquisition is important because it helps children’s brain develop, and a playful approach to learning would motivate them to enjoy absorbing knowledge. I hope to help children grow up healthy, happy, and confident while making the most of every opportunity to learn through play. The joy of watching children's progress and seeing them build confidence, character, and creativity motivates me daily.

I look forward to being a part of your child's educational journey and helping them explore the world around them.

Vivi Wang


Hello! I’m Vivi.

I’ve been teaching and working with children for over ten years and I’ve learned that guiding children is much more than knowing the basic childcare education. It requires a lot of experience, knowledge and insights to succeed. I started teaching classical piano since 2011 in Taiwan. In 2019, I came to the U.S to pursue a Bachelor’s degree of Music in Performance. Not only did the college teach me to play music but it urged me to dig deeper about the educational system, and it pushed me to be a part of it.

There’s always a better way to teach, and I’ve been dedicated to it as an educator. My approach allows each individual child to improve and enhance their cognitive skills at their own pace. The same standard would not necessarily be applied to all the kids. Instead, I encourage children to explore and discover this world through their own eyes. This process allows each child to obtain information during different stages of their childhood which stimulates children’s potential growth. I’m here to help, to guide, and to hold their hands during their journey.

Suki Wong


My name is Suki!
As an early childhood educator, it makes me happy to accompany children with all my passion, patience, help them love life, and broaden their horizons.

One of the greatest rewards for me is seeing a child who started from zero in learning Chinese to being able to converse with us in Chinese. Throughout this process, they learn daily routines, take care of themselves, and respect others. Words cannot describe how much I love being part of their learning and growing process.

I enjoy sitting down to spend time with children, getting to know each and every one of them. Our chat time is filled with laughter and fun. I also believe that learning through play is very effective. Cultivating creativity for children, allowing them to explore their interests, and enjoying the learning process are the most important things for them.

I love each child and look forward to growing together with them by effectively teaching them language and behavior while attending to each the individual needs and personalities of each child.

Let us take the first step in the journey of lifelong learning together!