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我愛中文二 繁體

Fun In Chinese 2T

我愛中文二 繁體

Enrichment Level 2 Traditional.

Our students learn to read and write in this class while they continue to focus on speaking.

Speaking: 80 + Sentence Structures
Reading: 165+ Vocabulary Phrases
Writing: 100+ Characters

1.我的樣子?My Appearance
2. 誰比較快 Who Is Faster
3. 我的臉 My Face
4. 我的身體 My Body
5. 我的心情 My Feelings
6. 我不舒服 I Dont Feel Well
7. 看醫生 See The Doctor
8. 我的學校 My School
9. 教室裡面 Inside The Classroom
10. 總複習 Final review

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