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我爱中文一 简体

Fun In Chinese 1S

我爱中文一 简体

Enrichment Level 1 Simplified.

Our students learn to read and write in this class while they continue to focus on speaking.

Speaking: 60 + Sentence Structures
Reading: 100+ Vocabulary Phrases
Writing: 70+ Characters

1. 你好吗?How are you?
2.对不起 Sorry
3. 我的名字 My name
4. 你几岁? How old are you?
5. 我的家人 My family
6. 请问现在几点?What time is it?
7. 请问你找谁?Who are you looking for?
8. 今天星期几?What day is today?
9. 上个周末 Last weekend
10. 总复习 Final review

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